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Contact Center Solutions

Omnichannel - E-mail, webchat, SMS - AI, Speech Analytics, WFM, QA, are all required to provide the best possible customer & agent experience.
We help you define your needs and can provide multiple options for the best cloud based contact center solution to meet your needs & budget.

Contact Center as as Service (CCaaS)

Talkdesk contact center solutions empower you to adapt your contact center to the evolving needs of your customers  with omni-channel software that adds e-mail, webchat, SMS, & social media integration to voice.
Talkdesk also provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) for workforce optimization & speech analytics.
Increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, more cost savings & provide them with the best possible customer experience.

Streamline your customer support efforts by adding comprehensive contact center functionality to your Zendesk Helpdesk application.

Talkdesk & Zendesk YouTube

 Eliminate the hassle of switching between two applications to manage your contact center with Talkdesk for Salesforce®’s self-service configuration. 
Customize Talkdesk automations to perform a variety of contact center tasks and increase agent productivity by 25-30%.

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It’s never been easier to quality check every call. 
Create scorecards and completely automate some parts of the quality assurance process.
Immediately flag compliance violations and redact sensitive information from transcripts.

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TalkDesk Omni-Channel

Omni-Channel contact centers deliver a truly consistent customer experience regardless of the customer's preference - phone, text, web, chat or social media.
Talkdesk is the fastest growing contact center as a service provider with the latest AI, workforce management, QA, speech analytics.
Talkdesk has 50+ integrations to the top business software including Salesforce, NetSuite, &
Customers choose how they want to communicate.

TalkDeskSpeech Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) listens to ALL calls

Gain new insights about caller sentiment and intent with advanced speech analytics and keyword detection.
Use data from granular reports to drive operational strategy, customer service, and quality management.
Gain valuable insights into your contact center and agent performance with customizable, intuitive reporting dashboards.
Drill down into flagged conversations and identify training opportunities by listening for caller sentiment, speech patterns and more.

Talkdesk & Salesforce

Salesforce & Talkdesk have native integration so your users never leave Salesforce to provide the best possible customer experience.
A tight CRM & call center integration is the hallmark of successful sales & support teams.
Seamlessly bring these systems together to drive agent productivity, improve team efficiency and personalize every interaction, turning happy customers into loyal advocates.
Talkdesk offers the deepest integration to Salesforce in the industry.