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BEST POSSIBLE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE (EX). Employees choose how to collaborate with you via voice, web & video meetings, SMS/MMS on any device, anywhere with integration and data synchronization with key business apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, most CRM's, & data synchronization.

BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX). Customers choose how they want to contact you - voice, web & video meetings, fax, chat, and social media integration. Self-service chatbots and conversational AI help with customer journey analytics to tell you every path the customer took and what happened and why.

HIGHEST LEVEL OF BUSINESS CONTINUITY. Network connectivity is a requirement - not a luxury - with cloud-based solutions. Fiber from major carriers combined with managed SD WAN provides users with a highest level of business continuity.

911Inform provides location accuracy for 911 calls and drops a pin on the exact location of each 911 call’s origin creating an interactive map that provides real-time communications along with access to existing security cameras, doors along with the existing intercom and phone system.

PAYMENT SOLUTIONS. Instead of raising prices, many of today's merchants are offering their customers a 3-4% cash discount for paying cash and quit paying their credit card processing fees and buying their points. Imagine 100% FREE payment processing.


"84% of consumers are more willing to do business with companies that offer self-service solutions, but only 61% say these solutions are easy and convenient. Are you listening to them?"

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Brookside Cloud Consultants help public and private schools and district with FREE cloud-based technology consulting.
In most cases, Brookside can reduce complexity and save money with cloud-based solutions that deliver the best possible customer (CX) and user experience (UX) along with the highest level of business continuity.

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