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RadarUSA integrated security platform combines an easy-to-use app for citizens with smart cameras, geolocation, direct police interaction, cloud-based data storage, and analytics for law enforcement.

RadarUSA provides a collaborative security solution where communities are empowered with AI-monitored digital surveillance that connects police, private security and neighbors in case of any incident or private security breach. This enables a truly community-based networked approach to security.

The RadarUSA platform integrates directly into existing security hardware and commercially available off-the-shelf cameras. We believe this allows us to provide our collaborative security solution at a fraction of the cost of other providers providing effective, low-cost security for schools, hospitals, municipal governments, gated communities, and homeowners associations.

Strategic Partnership to Save Lives

Radar USA is a leading provider of advanced security solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology, intelligent analytics, and seamless user experiences. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Radar USA delivers comprehensive security systems to organizations across various industries.

Radar USA, a leading provider of advanced security solutions, recently announced a strategic partnership with 911inform, a renowned pioneer in emergency communications technology. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the landscape of emergency response solutions, enhancing public safety and providing unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

The partnership between Radar USA and 911inform brings together their respective global expertise in critical infrastructure protection, security technology and emergency communications.

After extensive integration and testing performed collaboratively between RadarUSA’s technology partner VSBLTY and 911 Inform, RadarUSA is now introducing state-of-the-art security systems with 911inform's cutting-edge emergency communication platforms.

The two companies will provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution that streamlines emergency response processes and ensures rapid and accurate incident management.

Jeffrey Muller, CEO of Radar USA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Our foundational technology partner has been VSBLTY for some time. We are thrilled to now join forces with 911inform to deliver a game-changing solution for emergency response. By combining our advanced AI powered security systems with 911inform's innovative communication technology, we will empower first responders and emergency management personnel with real-time information and streamlined processes, ultimately saving more lives."

Ivo Allen, President & CEO of 911inform, echoed Muller's sentiments, saying, "This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance emergency communications. Teaming up with Radar USA enables us to leverage their expertise in security technology and provide our clients with an integrated solution that revolutionizes emergency response. Together, we will deliver faster, more efficient, and highly accurate incident management."

The collaboration between Radar USA and 911inform will unlock a range of benefits for emergency response agencies and organizations across various sectors all over North America.

The integrated solution will enable weapon, facial and license plate recognition, seamless information sharing, enhance situational awareness, and expedite response times, ultimately maximizing public safety.

With their shared vision of leveraging technology to improve emergency response, Radar USA and 911inform are committed to driving innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions, and shaping the future of public safety. 

Next-Gen Weapon & Gunfire Detection Systems

Mass shootings are one of the most tragic and still growing problems of our time.

It is difficult for law enforcement to determine the location of an active shooter in buildings with multiple rooms, and even more difficult to respond quickly to a shooter in buildings with multiple floors.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, gun detection software offers proactive surveillance to identify firearms swiftly. Integrated seamlessly with existing security camera systems, this innovative solution, developed by military veterans, swiftly detects guns, reducing response times during critical incidents.

With human-verified A.I. capabilities, it provides actionable intelligence by analyzing visual data in real-time. Recognized by authorities for its potential in preventing gun-related violence, this technology enhances situational awareness and saves lives.

Explore how gun detection software works and its crucial role in public safety from multiple industry leaders and let Brookside help you get the best deal on the best solution. Every minute an active shooting continues, more lives are at stake.

Shooter Detection Systems
empowers communities, workplaces to deploy gunshot detection to increase safety. SDS was created to assist in reducing the growing threat from indoor shooting incidents.

Schools, malls, airports, government and private buildings have all experienced increased shooting incidents over the last few years. In many of these cases, the delay in the time it took to accurately report and locate the shooter has lead to unfortunate consequences.

The SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System simultaneously detects gunfire and relays this information via a floor plan map, text and email with shot location. System/Sensor maintenance alerts can also be programmed to go to specific individuals via text and email.

Additional modules can be configured to automate security and notification systems such as building alarms, lights/strobes, video, access control, computer-aided police dispatch (CAD), etc.

Guardian sensors can be installed into existing building infrastructure through a flush wall/ceiling or surface mount for impenetrable structures. Guardian’s core technology was developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and by a major defense contractor who has deployed over 10,000 military-grade gunshot detection systems to Iraq, Afghanistan and around the globe.

These systems have saved many American and NATO Soldier’s lives. This same capability is now available to the commercial market through SDS and the system configuration is fully scalable to the area of desired coverage.

Gunshot Detection

The SDS Gunshot Detection System simultaneously detects gunfire and relays this information via a floor plan map, text and email with shot location.

System/Sensor maintenance alerts can also be programmed to go to specific individuals via text and email.

Gunfire Detection System

.The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System is a stand-alone, affordable, automated indoor gunfire detection system providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement, first responders, and onsite personnel within seconds of a gunshot.   
Safe Zone’s patent-pending gunfire detection system combines state-of-the-art detection hardware with leading-edge cloud-based, machine-learning capabilities to provide crucial information including type of the weapon, the number of shots fired, and the shooter’s location.

SafeZone is a comprehensive security and safety solution for large, complex organizations.

The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System is a stand-alone, affordable, automated indoor gunfire detection system providing actionable intelligence to law enforcement, first responders, and onsite personnel within seconds of a gunshot.

Safe Zone’s open API enables easy integration with third-party systems, like an alarm or access control system for a complete emergency solution

Safe Zone is dedicated to using technology to make the world a safer place – and making the protective benefits accessible to everyone.

Shot Fired
Acoustic & Infrared Validation


SMS Silent
911 Dispatched

of other security systems

Create A Unified Public- Private Crime Mitigation Network

Break Down Silos Remove the barriers created by disparate technology systems by fusing all private and public video, data, sensor and CAD sources into a common operating picture.

Improve Security While Respecting Privacy Unify public and private camera assets while maintaining policy-based access to real-time video. This means camera owners decide when and with whom their feeds are shared.

Enhance Situational Awareness Combine live alerts, ALPR, gunfire detection and more into a single pane of glass. Give first responders a unified view of all cameras, including internal building cameras, accessible from their mobile devices.

Effectively Manage Resources
Enable greater remote command and control of all first responders and their live locations. Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works are all available within one map, creating a common operating picture.

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Real-time Crime Centers like Fusus offer an unprecedented opportunity to increase safety in any moment, in every environment. They provide a “single pane of glass” to monitor active incidents by integrating live video footage and other data points from various locations within a community.

With Fusus, hospitals, schools, retail stores, houses of worship, event venues and residential communities — whole cities and towns — are better protected and, importantly, can contribute to greater safety for everyone.

That’s why Axon recently acquired Fusus and is so optimistic about the promise of more robust real-time intelligence. 

Together, Fusus and Axon usher in a new era of public safety that strengthens Axon’s ability to deliver on its mission to protect life, capture and preserve truth, and accelerate justice.

Unified Awareness Platform that Saves Lives Daily


AI weapon detection company seeks to prevent school, other shootings: 'a proactive measure' Company utilizes AI with existing security cameras in detecting firearms

Founded by Navy SEALs and Special Operations military veterans, ZeroEyes delivers a proactive, human-verified A.I. gun detection software solution.

ZeroEyes integrates into existing security cameras and mitigates mass shootings and gun-related violence by reducing response times, providing actionable intelligence with images and delivering clarity among chaos – ultimately saving lives.