What is InformaCast?
A cloud-based mass notification system that reaches people via on-premises and mobile devices.

On-Premises Mass Notification

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Integrate with existing systems
Increase the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency alerts to Cisco phones, overhead speakers, strobes, panic buttons, and more

Reach people on every channel
Broadcast live, ad hoc or prerecorded audio to IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and more so no one misses a message

Utilize a single interface
Manage all devices and messages via a single interface and trigger messages from desk phones or web console

Leverage Resiliency
Ensure critical messages reach the right people with the right information, no matter what happens with InformaCast ResiliencyAdd a description here.

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Informacast & Mass Notification

Mass notification and critical event management software keeps people safe and informed, everywhere, every time.

InformaCast offers the only mass notification system that reaches people with on-site and does mobile alerts from the same alerting solution. 

InformaCast is a powerful mass notification system that reaches your people on both their mobile and on-premises devices.

When you need everyone to receive a message very quickly, and you need it to grab their attention, InformaCast delivers attention-grabbing streaming audio to a wide variety of devices.

InformaCast & Microsoft Teams Integration

InformaCast Fusion with Microsoft Teams is a mass notification solution that allows Teams users to trigger and receive InformaCast alerts from within the Teams interface.

Teams users can initiate an InformaCast alert from Teams that is broadcast through Microsoft Teams, mobile phones, digital signage, and other connected devices.

Following distribution, security team members will receive a prompt to join a Microsoft Teams channel to collaborate and follow up on the situation.

Mobile Panic Button

When organizations look at mass notification solutions, they often focus on the word “mass.”

They want a tool that allows them to reach as many people as possible with critical information. With a wide range of device integrations, including desk phones, speakers, digital signage, desktop computers, and mobile phones, organizations can deliver messages to everyone.

This helps keep people safe, minimizes operational disruptions, and builds confidence that no matter what kind of event occurs, there are tools and procedures in place to handle it.

While these features help keep everyone informed, many organizations are looking for ways to provide more personalized protection solutions for their staff.

Whether it’s someone walking back to their car at night in an isolated parking lot or someone working in a remote area of a facility, organizations have a duty of care they need to fulfill to send assistance to those in need of help.

One of the biggest challenges to accomplishing this goal though is knowing who is asking for help and where there are.

Panic buttons available via mobile apps can offer individuals an immediate way to request assistance. In the video, you’ll see a real-life example of how mobile panic buttons available through the InformaCast app can help a person in need when they encounter a dangerous situation.

How Healthcare Can Benefit from Mass Notification

In healthcare, providing a safe environment ensures smooth operations and excellent patient care.

That goal can only be achieved with strong communication, but without the right tools in place, healthcare organizations can waste precious time trying to information into the hands of the people who need it.

While implementing a mass notification system may seem like a challenge, both in terms of time and resources, healthcare organizations that deploy it for use across all their departments will get more value out of their investment.

Whether it’s doctors and nurses trying to help patients, security trying to protect visitors and staff, or facilities and IT teams making sure everything within a building continues to run as it should, they should all be able to leverage a mass notification tool to carry out their duties.

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Education Solutions

Enhanced Security Through Digital Solutions

Implementing a digital enterprise visitor management system can drastically improve the security of an organization. These systems provide a structured and reliable method for monitoring and controlling access to the premises.

By utilizing digital check-ins and identity verification, enterprises can ensure that only authorized individuals enter the building. This enhances security and streamlines the check-in process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

One of the key benefits of a digital visitor management system is the ability to monitor multiple locations simultaneously.

For enterprises with several offices or facilities, having a centralized system that provides real-time insights into who is present at each location is invaluable. This enables security personnel to quickly identify and respond to potential threats, ensuring a consistent level of security across the entire organization. 

National Report Reveals Rapid & Discreet Wearable Panic Buttons Directly Impact Staff Well-Being and Job Satisfaction and Students’ Perceptions of Safety
According to the survey results, access to a safety solution that offers campus-wide coverage with precise location indication was highly effective in protecting staff and students.
This correlates with the CrisisAlert usage data that showed 47% of incidents reported in the fall of 2022 occurred outside the classroom.
Full-campus coverage is necessary to ensure all students, staff, and visitors are safe whether in the classroom, in the parking lot, or on the athletic fields.