Now more than ever there has to be a business, technology, or FINANCIAL reason for making any changes when it comes to technology. 

Moving voice and collaboration to the cloud can pay for itself through savings and the overall increase in productivity that the new technology brings more than justifies the expense. 

There are a lot of companies that OWN their existing legacy phone and voice mail system that in most cases has not been supported for years and runs on an old operating system on old proprietary servers.
They don't realize they still are paying something monthly to a provider or two for voice services - which is a monthly operating expense.

If you take whatever you are spending monthly on phone services and divide it by $20.00 (the average cost of one seat of cloud-based solution).

This will tell you how many of your users would be FREE!

EXAMPLE. So if you are paying $2,000.00 a month for SIP trunks or PRI's and the associated long distance and divide it by $20.00, it comes out to 100 users that would be FREE!


Take the total monthly costs for ALL expenses associated with the following:

1) Telephone lines, i.e. PRI's, SIP trunks, and analog lines
2) Domestic & International long distance, toll free numbers
3) Web Conferencing solutions like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc.
4) Software assurance on your premise-based phone system
5) Data center storage costs, virtualization
6) IT Resources required for keeping up with all software updates, patches, etc.
7) Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams and related software, apps, security

... and divide that total by your number of users and you have your total monthly cost per user.

So most of the new cloud-based phone solutions are $20-30 per user per month and include the lines and most of your long distance. 

In most cases we implement the latest cloud-based technology that reduces your cost per user by 50-70% and fixes problems you didn't even know you had!