StreamPC makes true Cloud Computing – Streaming your Computers from the Cloud (aka Desktops as a Service (“DaaS”) or “CloudPC’s”) – easy and accessible.

patented technologies make streaming your PC’s easy and more affordable, automating your Set Up,

Onboarding and Security Best Practices. StreamPC - one of the only complete Cloud Computing Solutions – is the best way to protect your business against today’s cyber threats.

Ransomware is a type of crypto virological malware that permanently block access to the victim's personal data unless a ransom is paid.

While some simple ransomware may lock the system without damaging any files, more advanced malware uses a technique called crypto viral extortion and StreamPC can help prevent it!

Protects Your Organization while enabling Productive Work from any Location, on Any Device

Our patented SaaS Platform – “StreamWRX – makes deploying CloudPC’s and the security you need to protect your business Easy and Affordable.

You know your employees need secure access to critical line-of-business applications, shared documents and company resources whether working in the office, in the field, or at home.

No one can get CloudPC’s up and working for your business faster and easier than StreamPC. Our StreamWRX Platform provisions secure CloudPC’s with the Apps, documents and shared resources your employees need — then gives you Self-Service Control to manage your End Users — no Training required!

Worried about End Points? Users can use any device, anywhere to connect

StreamPC ensures that your employees home networks and shared End Points (home/personal computers) can’t contaminate your work environment.

We have eliminated the worry of company data stored at the End Point! Our propriety method of delivering applications to your CloudPC gives you the most-secure computing platform in the world, protecting against ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing, and other cyber attacks.

Get the Security Your Business Needs and Spend Less Doing It

StreamPC has your back! Our monthly subscription is simple, cost-effective and provides you with peace of mind so that can focus on leading your business.

APPS. StreamPC offers secure app delivery using our proprietary packaging technology to prevent hacks, viruses, malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks. We manage your apps for you including Microsoft Office, browsers, Acrobat, Zoom and more.

PERFORMANCE. StreamPC guarantees that our Cloud PCs will be faster than your current solution. Our desktops are fast, and easy to set up and use.

SECURITY. Security and compliance come standard. We eliminate Ransomware issues. Our RansomWall technology secures your data & end users, prevents viruses & malware, and offers multi-factor authentication.

SUPPORT. Access to StreamPC’s help desk support team is included with your subscription. StreamWRX updates itself with the latest OS security. Virus and ransomware patches are automatically implemented to free your IT staff and end-users from dealing with PC workstation management.

BACKUPS & DISASTER RECOVERY. All StreamPC customers have automatic backups and data redundancy. Our customers also receive FileShadow for true GEO Redundancy & additional high-speed data and search capabilities.

CLOUDLOCK DEVICES. StreamPC’s CloudLock devices run proprietary software that only allows them to securely connect to StreamPC cloud-based Windows workstations. No local data is ever stored. No setup or configuration is required. Files cannot be transferred to USB drives.

                                    KEY POINTS

• Significantly cut IT costs by between 50%-80%  because there is no need for VPN, Antivirus, PC support, or expensive laptops
• Faster processing time than local machines from any device anywhere
• Superior protections against Phishing and Cross Site Scripting, to Ransomware
• Looks like your existing desktop, so no training needed and support is included
• Most important though is that it protects your company data at the end point. If someone’s laptop is stolen, there is nothing stored locally nor can anything be downloaded locally protecting your most valuable asset internally and externally.