A flexible, secure solution that delivers the benefits of SD-WAN, while reducing risk, simplifying operations, and improving productivity with Unified Management, Fabric to the Edge, and best-in-class Application Performance Management packaged as a cost-effective OPEX subscription.

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Baylor University faces the challenge of providing an extensive wired and wi-fi network services across a diverse range of environments, from classrooms and research labs to residence halls and sporting venues.

A notable challenge was the construction of a technology-rich stadium from scratch, requiring a robust network infrastructure that utilizes a mix of cellular, hardwire Ethernet, and WiFi technologies.


Gillette Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in terms of Wi-Fi throughput and capacity.

The stadium required approximately 65,000 fans to be connected simultaneously, representing up to 22 gigabytes of traffic during each event.

Carrier Services

Cloud-based apps require reliable network connectivity and Brookside helps clients find the best deal on fiber and coax internet solutions as well as SD WAN to ensure the highest level of business continuity.

Brookside is vendor agnostic and gets the best pricing for their clients as well as makes sure everything gets installed, your numbers get ported, and overall project management as part of the relationship.

We order services from ALL the Major Carriers

Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN)

SD WAN offers a more intelligent, cloud-first way to build a WAN, that improves business productivity, end-user quality of experience, accelerates business initiatives and lower costs.

Its advanced capabilities like cloud based security, network virtualization, analytics and automation ensure you access the full potential of your network.

Key Benefits & Results

Quality of Service (QoS).
QoS prioritizes real-time apps over the public internet like video and voice over guest wi-fi and social media traffic from Facebook, YouTube, etc.

App Performance. SD WAN ensures high levels of performance for web-based apps like Microsoft Teams & 365, Salesforce, VoIP, and SaaS applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Unlimited Scalability. Speeds that support any size application from regional to global scale, with the ability to grow your public domain.

Fully Automated Management and Monitoring.
Maintain and manage all of your devices 24/7/365 from one location.

Strong support. You have peace of mind with local 24/7 responsive team that will help deploy, manage and troubleshoot services.

SD-WAN affords the use of other sources of Internet without the need for complicated routing expertise to route traffic around congestion points and automatic failover when necessary.

Cost Savings.
Lower WAN Capex and Opex by augmenting or even replacing legacy connections with broadband internet services to connect users to applications.

SD WAN Solutions


138+ Years in Business

ACC Business
is a specialized sales channel from AT&T that combines exceptional US-based service with a flexible suite of IP, data & voice offerings. 

ACC Business
was originally founded in Rochester, NY in 1982 as ACC Telecom Corporation.  The company grew and then AT&T acquired ACC Business in 1998.

ACC Business has become one of the nation’s premier providers of communication services and has earned an industry wide reputation for responsive US-based customer service. 

The Communications Stack Provider

With NHC's Communications STACK™, you get:

A single path to all complex technologies on a single invoice from one of the top managed services providers (MSP) and the largest VMware VeloCloud partner in the U.S.

They have a customer-first approach with always-on technology from 100% stateside support.

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